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About Us
Who We Are
We are truly independent consultants. We don't work for a bank or a large corporation, we work for private clients, and being independent we have a transparent approach.
How We Do It
It is only by truly understanding you, that we can analyse the marketplace, and recommend intelligent and innovative solutions that help you achieve your goals.
What We Do
We help you make intelligent decisions with your money, so you can take less risk, and pay less tax. We know you work hard for your money, so we will ensure more of your assets remain with you and your family.
Who We Help
We help high net worth individuals, wealthy families and successful professionals. Ultimately all our clients have one thing in common; they have made smart decisions with their money, and have a clear understanding of their finances.
See the difference between independent advice and bank advice.
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Our Advantage
Have you ever been to a bank, asset manager, SIM or promotore and received real impartial advice? Thought Not

We have developed a style of advice that means we work on behalf of our clients, not on behalf of the institutions. If a product is not right for you, we will be honest and happily find a solution that is.

We do not have a shelf of products, which we shoe-horn our clients into. We find the right solution for our clients, if one doesn't exist, we will have one tailor-made for you.